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Iitl (lillltllm In ”W": Wltli’z I . L Iiiiiiivmti' I L . ‘3 Ii’“ ,8 “kg 1 Iiikrerliri? Wf‘l’fl Do Sonw VOIN‘Q “(,1)”? HBO Fri“ 5 ‘ 0- IaqSlOV‘n' ”m" ‘ Do You Agree . 6 Why Do Pm Is Answers. Wlth 1h 9 ‘rs Compare. 9 Why7/Why Not? E. B Work M Palea He Article. - S H Of The W? Check D R3743. Uch As Ese Days. Millions Of 0909'? "305 I Organise Their Lives On Sou: Networking Sites Like Faceboo F Ates Like Gooale+ Or Twitter, And Many 0 Them Can't Go A Day — Or Even ' Kin Or ' . As 5.395 — Without Che: Tegffect Sorry - Id Love To The Out, But 1 Status Updates. But W A : Busy Updating My {MUM Saw Is This Having On Scolety And How ./ L _ 7 _ ,f - Is It Changing The Way We See W...” 'R‘x‘ Mtter. , ' Our Friends? ‘ ‘ :rtes The Scientist Robin Dunbar Suggests That The Largest Number Of Active Snug Relationships A Person‘s Brain Can Deal With Is 150. However. Most People Have We Hundreds. Sometimes Even Thousands. Of Facebook Friends. Partly Because Ma... Friends Online Is So Easy. When You Receive A Friend Request. You Just Click Cm; And You Have A New Person To Add To Your Collection Of Online Friends. But Do .r Really Want To Be Friends With The Person. Or Are You Just Trying To Appear More I Popular? To Illustrate The Point. The Burger King Chain Of Restaurants In _: , Offered To Give People A Free Burger If They Deleted 10 Friends From Their Facennn Page. Amazingly, Over 530,000 People Did Just That. Which Shows How Little Sons People Value Many Of These Online Friendships. One Experts Are Also Concerned That Spending So Much Time Online Is Making I” Children Feel Lonelier Than Ever Before. According To C. It’ ' 1. If In The Ut Um“ Calls They Receive About Loneliness From Teenage Boys Has Gone .: Mannered To Five Years Ago. The Chart Ty Also Reports That Online Bulli‘ié ‘ ‘ 1/ ' ' . In Another Report, A Third Of People At .: 3 Oft-s; Said They 509“" G" ' Nicating Online And Not Enough In Person. So It‘s Not Summit, .- . Who Are Addicted To Social Networking Sites Find It Harderto’i ., . '9 Relationships. For Them, To Be Offline Is To Be Disconnectedi Wtflends, Which Can Be Very Hard To Cope With. .~. ' ..| ' Don’t Have To Be At School Or University To Use Social New“ "at People Use Networking Sites Like Linkedin To Mattmal .'_ '39 Being Part Of A Global Professional Network “ans W I F M°5t_°f Opportunities Anywhere In The World. 50 "wa J N Dublin Or An Engineer Who's Moving To Emmi Mean ,_ . “the Most V . ,,... . , To Iali’ Iii We Use 10 Tall! At ThIUJ/f’fl L 0.005 When It It V‘lnh (/11 1 With Ziit, We Don For ”a ' To Taii :3 For Com Tali’ 61:71:; —"'3'.‘O"@ [3 Check A Look A‘ Match The Phrase For I) Work It A Work In DE Listening Jenny. Sir About Hov Topics In T Videos A How O'e- Today's TWitter G Number HOW Oftl WAGON—ac G) 3 O 3 N