Sal_Run<liy_STDs’lGame - Eh I Don't See How This Is So Hard To Believe. All The Young Kids These Days Are Practically Borne With Cellular Telephones In There Hands, And Know How To Use Them Before -
Sal_Run<liy_STDs’lGame - Eh I don't see how this is so hard to believe. All the young kids these days are practically borne with cellular telephones in there hands, and know how to use them before they can even walk or talk. To think that a 2 ear old couldn't take these pictures is just stuped. Yet another example of _r/ notingeverhapins because Rebbitors have no conception of the reelity of how technology is slowly but surely destroying this world. Being aware of this, I specifically ensured that my grandchildren do not receive cellular telephones until they turn at least 18 (eighten) ears old. I also forbid them from being exposed to other dangerous technologies such as tevelision and the internets. You may say it's absurd, but I've heard so much about how harmful these are to kids, in multiple ways (physically and mentally) and as such, I am being responsable and making sure that my family is not damaged by these avoidable cancers to society. Instead, I encourage them to take up much healthier behaviors such as playing football, something which I used to do when I was a young one. You can bet you're bottom dollar that I didn't score 5 touchdowns in 1 game by being glued to a cellular telephone, tevelision, or the internets. ir- -377 G mywnanurWiszw: - 3h I'm sorry ribbit doesn't understand your life expirience sal If ‘4? § 133 {it