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1- ”Weirdo' In my class LUnfortunately. I don' t care enough to download an example chat program on to my computer nor would I find it entertaining to use. I understand that this world is surrounded by social apps. my daughter and wife uses them constantly, I don't, I just don't find them appealing... nor do I care about constant updates of what people do with their time. when they should be more productive in general. I guess that I am a dinosaur. I don't watch TV. nor Netflix or I watch a ton of hours of videos on computer science, coding and more on Youtube... either, I work. study. exercise and sleep. So . "Y My Teacher 1 fl — 1 month ago This has nothing to do what is fun or not. You are missing the point. I'm sure some people may find spreadsheets boring. But if they are ask to do one for work, part of this will be trying them. point taken... I was done with part 1 and ready to turn in last week. Hopefully. you will watch the video demo that I made. I take this project seriously. b/c I take the class seriously, even if I have my opinion on the theme. It just means that I won't work for a social app company, but I'd definitely work for a spreadsheet company. are those even used anymore? LOL. Again. my opinion. | just don't understand how many different ways a dang chat program can be reinvented, and why consumers fall for it over and over again. 1. u _ 1 ~ I don‘t have an opinion about chats. The assignment is a chat because it gives students a wide variety of problem solving skills. Other times. I have selected other topics. About spreadsheets. Of course they are. They are the bread and butter of most business analyst. Of course, they add other tools, like "Bl" reporting and whatever software they are mnning. However, every time, they comeback to what they know best. Excel. It is possible that the paradigm may change with R for some people but yes. Excel is extremely popular. Go to any fortune 500 and see the business analyst operate. It was a tongue-and-cheek joke. I will give a reason why I have a dislike for things like chat. We have owned a restaurant for 10 years, and when a family or couple comes in. they come in with their device. and stare at the device. not saying a word to each other, it is all-generational. young and old now... about 5 years ago it was rare to see a grandma with a device, now g-ma and g-pa are wedded to them, mostly the g-ma's though... there is no dining conversation hardly anymore. Another, a case study that shows that the youth, (I don't have the exact figure offhand), spend at least 65% of their awake time with a device in hand. Look at a mall with teenagers, they aren't talking to each, they're freekin' texting by chat, or obsessing about a Youtube star. It's great that we can connect with anyone, anywhere, that is a great achievement, but the cost is loss of actual personal interaction. This I resent, my opinion. That's why I could not work for a company like Facebook. I don't want to propagate something I personally don't like. I would work for a lot of companies that make life enrichment, or meaningful products, like a spreadsheet company... LOL. https://inspirational.ly

1- ”Weirdo' In My Class LUnfortunately. I Don' T Care Enough To Download An Example Chat Program On To My Computer Nor Would I find It Entertaining To Use. I Understand That This World Is Surrounded By Social Apps. My Daughter And Wife Uses Them Constantly, I Don't, I Just Don't find Them Appealing... Nor Do I Care About Constant Updates Of What People Do With Their Time. When They Should Be More Productive In General. I Guess That I Am A Dinosaur. I Don't Watch TV. Nor Netflix Or I Watch A Ton Of Hours Of Videos On Computer Science, Coding And More On Youtube... Either, I Work. Study. Exercise And Sleep. So . "Y My Teacher 1 fl — 1 Month Ago This Has Nothing To Do What Is Fun Or Not. You Are Missing The Point. I'm Sure Some People May find Spreadsheets Boring. But If They Are Ask To Do One For Work, Part Of This Will Be Trying Them. Point Taken... I Was Done With Part 1 And Ready To Turn In Last Week. Hopefully. You Will Watch The Video Demo That I Made. I Take This Project Seriously. B/c I Take The Class Seriously, Even If I Have My Opinion On The Theme. It Just Means That I Won't Work For A Social App Company, But I'd Definitely Work For A Spreadsheet Company. Are Those Even Used Anymore? LOL. Again. My Opinion. | Just Don't Understand How Many Different Ways A Dang Chat Program Can Be Reinvented, And Why Consumers Fall For It Over And Over Again. 1. U _ 1 ~ I Don‘t Have An Opinion About Chats. The Assignment Is A Chat Because It Gives Students A Wide Variety Of Problem Solving Skills. Other Times. I Have Selected Other Topics. About Spreadsheets. Of Course They Are. They Are The Bread And Butter Of Most Business Analyst. Of Course, They Add Other Tools, Like "Bl" Reporting And Whatever Software They Are Mnning. However, Every Time, They Comeback To What They Know Best. Excel. It Is Possible That The Paradigm May Change With R For Some People But Yes. Excel Is Extremely Popular. Go To Any Fortune 500 And See The Business Analyst Operate. It Was A Tongue-and-cheek Joke. I Will Give A Reason Why I Have A Dislike For Things Like Chat. We Have Owned A Restaurant For 10 Years, And When A Family Or Couple Comes In. They Come In With Their Device. And Stare At The Device. Not Saying A Word To Each Other, It Is All-generational. Young And Old Now... About 5 Years Ago It Was Rare To See A Grandma With A Device, Now G-ma And G-pa Are Wedded To Them, Mostly The G-ma's Though... There Is No Dining Conversation Hardly Anymore. Another, A Case Study That Shows That The Youth, (I Don't Have The Exact figure Offhand), Spend At Least 65% Of Their Awake Time With A Device In Hand. Look At A Mall With Teenagers, They Aren't Talking To Each, They're Freekin' Texting By Chat, Or Obsessing About A Youtube Star. It's Great That We Can Connect With Anyone, Anywhere, That Is A Great Achievement, But The Cost Is Loss Of Actual Personal Interaction. This I Resent, My Opinion. That's Why I Could Not Work For A Company Like Facebook. I Don't Want To Propagate Something I Personally Don't Like. I Would Work For A Lot Of Companies That Make Life Enrichment, Or Meaningful Products, Like A Spreadsheet Company... LOL.