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1233§IB$1E3§ '0‘ 88%. @ ‘lnstag'ram [3 V A R'-r?‘1i!l""lr"“ 0 § ' New Posts 9 #googleplus .3 Anwarrovrc Furious Protect Your L And Allan Ui/lprokr! Your OQV W 20 Likes Anwarrovic "How Many Times Do We Hear Cases Of People Complaining About Life Suddenly Becoming Bad, Evil Eye And Many Spiritual Illnesses. , However, My Question Is How Are We Using Social Media? You're Looking Extra Good, You Put Upload It On Facebook ,Instagram, Snapchat. A New House, Your Wedding Photos, That Expensive Dress, The Delicious Food, The Latest Car. The New Surt, The Coolest Phone You Put It On Socral Media. You Bought A New Headscarf Or Thobe And It Matches Your Shoes - Boom Put It On Social Media Your Smile Looks Extra Nice Today, So The World Has To See It You Been Banging Weights And All Your Mates Have To See The 6 Pack Or The New Vein In The Bicep So Upload It For All To See. That New Make Up Has Made You Look Extra Pretty So Your Friends Must See It, You Prayed, Fasted. Cried And Gave Charity, So Your 5000 Friends Have To Know. . Be Careful Of How You're Exposing Your Blessrngs To The World. Not Everyone Possesses What You Do And Not Every Person Wants To See You Happy. Make Sure You Pray, Recite Verses Of Protection Daily And Before You Sleep. Not Everything Has To Be For Social Media. Always Remember That The Evil Eye Is Real. You Should Keep Your Private Life Private!" Use Socral Media Wrsely Don‘t Make It A Platform Of Exposing Yourself You Get No Benefit From Rt' 30 Be Careful What You Post And What You Say ! Follow @rabiya_muslimah NQ-oo